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Savory Hash Brown Muffins now on the menu!

May 11, 2016 by theAddison

These Hash Brown Muffins are the latest addition to the Addison’s Clean Plates menu.  These savory muffins are filled with hash browns, bacon, green onions and cheese.  Topped off with more bacon, green onions and whipped cream cheese they become a delightful start to breakfast. 

Lizards Looking For Love!

May 5, 2016 by theAddison

These little guys are everywhere this time of year.  We love the lizards.  They are not only entertaining but they eat bugs. 
This guy is demonstrating “looking fancy” in his quest to attract a mate.  This display of the inflatable under-chin sac is usually preceded by three pushups.  And that, my friend, is how you attract a mate.  Feats of strength (also one of the four pillars of Festivus) and a display of beauty.  Strong AND good looking. 
Life as a lizard isn’t all just attracting mates.  You have to stay away from those who will eat you, too.  There is a heron that walks the sidewalks of Ash Street hunting lizards for his lunch.  He loves the palm trees in front of the Addison as they are full of lizards that are easy to reach. 

Amelia Tavern Opens!

April 24, 2016 by theAddison

Tavern 1

We took a short walk yesterday to the newly opened Amelia Tavern and were quite impressed!

This tavern has been years in the making. O’Kanes Irish Pub used to be in this spot. When it closed, the new owners found structural issues that resulted in the entire building, right down to the floor slab, being removed. The only part that they couldn’t remove was the historic wall on the right side as it is a shared wall with the shop next door.

The new building is really nice, bright and airy. A skylight over the bar provides plenty of light and the space is used well. The front 10 feet is a patio open to the sidewalk and then through the front door where you see the central bar. Tables line both sides of the tavern. In the back on the left is the brewery and on the right is the kitchen.

The brewery itself isn’t functioning yet as they wait on government licenses. We had a couple of draft beer (nice selection) and shared a couple of small plates. The bagel bites with dipping sauces were good and the ribs were great, off the bone but not overcooked as you often get.

Another great restaurant in Fernandina Beach!

Keep Those Postcards Coming In!

March 29, 2016 by theAddison

There is something about postcards that I just love. Anybody can tweet, text, share a photo or e-mail you from somewhere but receiving a postcard means that someone has made an effort to say “Hi!”.

I used to travel internationally a lot. Lots and lots, to places that aren’t on the top of your “bucket list” of places to go. Writing 50 or 60 postcards to friends and family whilst stuck in a hotel room or a labor camp out in the middle of nowhere is a nice way to whittle away an evening. And it wasn’t easy. First you have to find postcards (found a lovely set of 1950 vintage postcards in a book shop in Yuhzno, Russia), find a post office and figure out the postage, often in a country where English is not the first language. Blogging moved in to replace postcards but I still found, wrote, stamped and mailed them. I still do.

I used to wonder what happened to all of the postcards that I had sent. Then I visited my grandmother who, at the age of 103, was living in an assisted living home. There, on the wall above her bed, were pinned all of the cards I had sent her over the years. Maybe not a hundred but close.

I keep all of the postcards that I receive (some in attached photo). The most recent is from Jenny, a previous housekeeper at the Addison. She has moved on and is now an au pair in Basel, France, looking after three small children. To me, it is always nice to hear from friends and family through a postcard. At least it is one piece of mail that isn’t a bill and it is a piece of mail that you can hang on to and keep.

My current address is:

Bob c/o Addison on Amelia
614 Ash Street
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Keep those postcards coming in!

Vintage Gran Prix on Amelia Island

March 23, 2016 by theAddison

The Amelia Island Vintage Gran Prix, presented by Sportscar Vintage Racing Association, started yesterday at the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport and runs through Sunday. Over 200 vintage racing sports cars (pre 1981) plus vintage motorcycles are competing on the original airport race course.

This is an awesome event. The last time these races were held the cars (the ones being raced today) were new. The event photos were in black and white. Taken on a camera with film. A lot of cooperation between local event organizers and the FAA, who are in charge of the airport, is giving this series of races an opportunity to be a major event.

In the photo is Mike, a guest at the Addison, who is racing his 1934 MG. Well, in the photo he is just sitting in it, looking fabulous, but you get the idea. The car is capable of speeding around the airport’s 2 mile race course at up to 72 miles per hour. Mike says that with an older car under you 72 MPH seems a lot faster.

Savory French Toast BLTs for Breakfast

March 8, 2016 by theAddison

This is a great breakfast variation of the traditional BLT sandwich. We served it again this morning and it was a big hit.

Start of with a slice of savory French toast. Stack on bib lettuce, a tomato slice and some bacon. Top with eggs, either scrambled or fried, and a drizzle of Hollandaise sauce. Bobo’s breakfast potatoes on the side with a garnish of watermelon and you’ve got a “clean plate” breakfast!

Weekend Trip to Charleston

January 19, 2016 by theAddison

OCharleston 3ne frequently asked FAQ question that we get at the Addison is “As innkeepers, do you ever get to get away yourselves?”. Well, yes we do. Not very often but yes, we do.

We recently took a two-night trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston has a historic district, great restaurants, an active tourisism program and has a fort complete with history. That makes them competition for Amelia Island and it is always good to know what your competition is up to so off we went.

Charleston is a beautiful city with some interesting architecture. We took a horse-drawn carriage tour of some of the neighborhoods and checked out their waterfront. They have a nice waterfront park with a huge pineapple fountain and a paved promenade that runs most of the waterfront.

Our big trip for the weekend was the boat ride out to Sumter Island National Monument. The fort was an integral part of the civil war and is a reminder of “the unpleasantness” (as Charlestonians may call it). When the tides are out, the island’s mudflats are spectacular!

I did get an appreciation for many comments that the Addison’s guests make about eating too much whilst on vacation. Breakfast (enhanced continental at the inn), lunch, Happy Hour and dinner is just way too much food to be eating on a daily basis. The restaurants, at least every one that we ate at, were wonderful.

Over comparison between Charleston and Fernandina Beach? Both cities have a lot of great restaurants and the food / service quality is comparable. History? Both cities are steeped in it but Fernandina has more pirates. Civil war forts? Fort Sumter may have more of a direct connection with the Civil War but Fort Clinch on Amelia Island is better looking. And you don’t have to take a boat ride to get there.

Eggs Blackstone

December 19, 2015 by theAddison

This breakfast is so good that I ate one while sitting out on the veranda this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I usually eat standing up in the back of the kitchen but this breakfast was worth sitting down.

Picture a toasted English muffin topped with crispy bacon and an oven roasted herbed tomato. Fresh herbs out of the garden. On goes a poached egg and the whole breakfast is drizzled with hollandaise sauce. Not the bottled sauce either, but the real deal. A side of Bobo’s breakfast potatoes and a sprig of thyme as a garnish and you have the Addison’s Eggs Blackstone.

The whole breakfast started with a Peaches and Cream Tart and included fresh squeezed OJ and plenty of hot coffee.

This menu is a keeper!

Christmas Decorations Done Right

December 15, 2015 by theAddison

The B&B Holiday Cookie Tour has once again been a tremendous success. For those of you unfamiliar with the tour, the local B&Bs open their doors to the public for an opportunity to view Christmas decorations and at each inn they also get a cookie and the recipe card for that cookie.

Christmas TreeMonkeyThis year we had over 700 people through the Addison. Two of the many decorations really struck a note with the guests. The first was the heavily ornamented Christmas tree in the front room. No garland, no popcorn strings, just lights and ornaments. So many ornaments. Someone said there is 863 ornaments on the tree.

The second big attraction was the pirate sock monkey tucked into a sleigh on top of the breakfront by the kitchen. Sometimes in life you have to look in the back corners to find the treasures.

Shannon did a great job with the decorating this year. I do the heavy lifting (put up the tree, string the lights…) but it is her decorating sense that really makes the decorations stand out.

A Visit From Jumping Rocks Photography

November 2, 2015 by theAddison

It was great to see Mark and Matthew of Jumping Rocks Photography when they visited us last week all the way from Philadelphia. Jumping Rocks does our website photography and this was their third visit with us. They came highly recommended in 2008, shortly after we bought the inn, and then again in 2011 when we redid the website.

This shoot was a little shorter with photography of the three guest rooms with the most significant upgrades. They also did some exterior shots that turned out really well. It just proves that thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment and twenty years of architectural photography experience produce much better results than me with my iPhone