Exterior of Addison on Amelia

Summer Evenings

August 27th, 2008 by theAddison

Once in a while, when the phones are quiet, we’ll closed up the inn and go for a walk downtown and watch the sun set. We enjoy it so much we’ve been recommending it as a great evening to our guests.

After dinner at one of Fernandina Beach’s great restaurants just head west along Center Street to the marina. Brett’s Waterside Cafe is there in the marina overlooking the boats, the Amelia River and the salt marshes of Tiger Island. Brett’s has rocking chairs out on their verandah where you can sit, relax and enjoy a glass of wine or cold beer while watching the day end.

Once the sun has set you can walk up Center Street on your way back to the Inn. There is a great little fudge shop at the corner of Third and Center that also sells generously sized ice cream cones. Don’t let the long lines scare you, they move pretty fast. The next stop on your way home is the Green Turtle for another glass of wine or beer. By now the band should be getting set up and ready to play. There’s usually someone playing there, especially later in the week.

If you get to Brett’s early and have a little time there is usually something to see along the waterfront. Pelicans can be found down by Atlantic Seafood, waiting for fish scraps. You can also check out the shrimp boats and other craft.

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