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Christmas Parades

December 14th, 2008 by theAddison

We had a great weekend here at the the Addison and in Fernandina Beach. The Christmas Parade was at 6:00 yesterday evening and, as all parades do, it rolled past right in front of the inn. Most of the parades are daylit but this one was in the dark and all of the participants were lit. With lights, I mean. I couldn’t get any decent photos so these pictures shown here are from the Fernandina Beach High School Homecoming Parade held earlier this year. As with all of our parades you may notice a bit of a pirate theme in the pictures.

Instead of having our Happy Hour on the courtyard verandah we had it out on the front porch. The temperature was a little nippy so I cooked up a big pot of chili to keep everyone warm and we served it with beer and wine. One of our guests was celebrating a birthday and brought a bottle of champagne to add to the festive spirit. We even had a couple of people stop by and rent a room for the night because it looked like we were having so much fun.

This is a great town for parades as everyone gets involved. All of the youth groups, the High School Marching Band, civic leaders, the KinderTots dance group, the local karate club, church groups and what appears to be random people walking down the road waving and pulling theur kids in a wagon. The Shriners got our vote for the noisiest group with their dune buggies. They were even louder than the Fernandina Beach Pirates Club. We even got a visit from Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates Club as he came up on our porch and handed out beads to the ladies. All of the floats were covered with lights. Santa Claus was the big finale, waving from the back seat of a vintage drop-top.

Our guests loved it. Some came from cities too big to pull off such a personal Christmas parade, others from towns too small to do anything.

But wait, there’s more! At 8:00 there was the first ever Lighted Boat Parade in Fernandina Beach Harbor (again, no pictures on account of darkness). Shannon and I walked down with Maggie Doone to check it out. It was great! There were only 10 boats (remember: first year) but they went around twice so it seemed like 20. All the boats were covered with lights and it was quite spectacular. There was a crowd of about 2,000 down at the marina (remember: I exagerate somewhat) watching. Brett’s had extra bartenders on duty cranking out hot chocolate with Jameson’s to keep everyone with prime viewing positions on their deck warm. We watched with Cindy and Bob of Amelia Island Carriages and tried to figure out how we could get Boomer (the word’s largest horse) onto a boat and covered with lights for next year.

All went well for us untill the boats started sounding their horns, which apparently, sound a lot like train horns to Maggie. She spooked and pulled me all the way back to the inn. We walked through a nice crowd on Center Street. Some shoppers, some ice cream eaters still but mostly people just wandering up the street enjoying the lights in the trees.
All in all, a very pleasant evening here in Fernandina Beach. Like I keep saying… There’s always something going on! Come on down (or up as the case may be) and join us.
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