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Winter weather

December 20th, 2008 by theAddison

Now, I know that all y’all from up north don’t want to hear this. I’ve been catching the news and hearing about the all of your snow, the ice storms and the power outages. Having lived in Northern Ontario for 8 years I feel your pain. So I know you don’t want to hear this bit it has got to be said.

It is almost too warm outside. I just got back in from a walk with Maggie Doone and we’re both panting. She’s wearing her winter coat so she should be warm but I’m wearing what I always wear and I’m too warm.
Here’s a friend of Maggie’s, Dozer, who is protecting his eyes from harmful UV rays.
It was a nice walk though. Down 7th and through the farmer’s market. The bluegrass band was between sets so we just kept walking. We went to Broome and checked out the back yards of some of the historic homes along 6th. Then along Broome, past St Mike’s where some guys were getting the creche ready for Christmas Eve. We turned back into the downtown area and walked through the marina checking out the boats. The American Spirit (mid-sized cruise ship) is still docked and will probably be there until after the holidays. Through the marina, a brief chase at the pelicans down at Atlantic Seafood (waiting for their lunch) and back to the inn.

I received an e-mail from guests of ours that had to cancel. Their flight couldn’t leave Vancouver due to the crappy weather. They were both depressed about missing their flight and they sent me this picture that really catches just how bummed out they were at missing their trip. You’ve gotta love Canadians with their funny hats. We’ll see them in January instead.

The weather is going to cool off and might even get down into the 50s mid week for a couple of days but for now, we’re enjoying the warm weather. Tonight we’ll be sitting on the porch at the Green Turtle listening to a great jazz band and enjoying the cooler evening air.

We’ve got a busy couple of weeks coming up. Christmas is only a few days away and we are preparing a Christmas feast for our guests. Then we have New Years and the Gator Bowl. January is usually a slow month here but we’ve got some great Specials to entice guests into staying with us. Every Saturday in January we are offering a free gourmet dinner for anyone staying at least two nights. Chef Grant Heaslewood will be doing the meals. As Pete Milisakas used to say; ” Free stuff is good”.
We also have the Escape DC Special for anyone wanting to get away from DC during President Elect Obama’s innaguration. Residents of DC, Virginia and Maryland get 35% off their midweek stay from the 18th to the 22nd. Traffic in DC will be terrible with 5 million (See? I do exagerate some) people going to watch the ceremony. Residents can visit us at a great saving, avoid the traffic and maybe even catch some of this heat wave.

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