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The Tides

January 11th, 2009 by theAddison

That huge full moon that we’ve had hanging around the last few nights is really pulling the tides. Two weeks from now when the moon has ebbed the swing between high tide and low tide is going to less than 6 feet of water. The moon is closer to the earth now than it will be all year so this is the biggest full moon we’ll see and the last couple of days the swing between tides has been almost 9 feet all because of that big full moon. The low tide is so low that the floating dock where the pelicans wait for Atlantic Seafood’s scraps was laying in the mud.

The incoming tide brough visitors to Fernandina Beach a few weeks ago. Jim and Holly Crissman, along with their basset hound, sailed in from North Carolina and, like a lot of people here, they just stopped for a couple of days but will end up staying a couple of months. Jim is quite the talented guitar player, singer and songwriter. Holly manages Jim’s career and makes all of the sailing trip plans. One of the local lads has been accompnying Jim’s guitar with a violin or mandolin lately and they sound really good together. Felix was even part of the band yesterday with his harmonica. You can catch Jim playing at the Turtle for a couple of weeks. Or at least until they lift anchor and continue south to the Keys. It could be months from now. this picture was taken on the Turtle’s deck. Jim on guitar, violin beside him, Felix on the left wearing his orange hat. William and Dozer (local dogs) are at the bottom of the photo.

Next Sunday the tide will be taking Jim and Stan away from us. Jim sailed into Fernandina Harbor last October, just for a few days to get his generator repaired. That’s Jim in the picture with Maggie Doone. The repairs took longer than expected and Jim started hanging at the Turtle where he met Stan, the daytime bartender. After a couple of weeks (which has turned into months) of hanging out together they agreed to sail south together. Jim wanted to go to the Bahamas and it is safer (and easier) with two onboard. Jim figures they will cruise the Bahamas, through the Gulf and get to Belize some time in 2009. Stan figures if they make it Belize he can talk Jim into the Panama Canal and on to the South Pacific. I’ll keep you posted on their progress.

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