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Cafe Karibrew

February 6th, 2009 by theAddison

Those of you who have stayed with us before may have eaten at Cafe Karibo. The cafe is a great spot for salads, light lunches and dinner with their garden patio just off of Center Street. They have just opened up a new section of the cafe in what was an empty builkding next door and they call it Cafe Karibrew.

I have never seen a brew pub quite like this. They have three 155 gallon kettles behind the bar. The twist is that they brew and serve the beer from the same kettle. The mash comes in 5 gallon buckets that they heat up with electric blankets. The mash then goes into the kettle, they add warm water and wait for 7 days. After the brewing, they pressurize the kettle for carbonation and just start pouring. The tap is connected to a hose on a float so they always pour off the top of the batch and stop pouring when they get to the lees on the bottom.

Another twist is that they only brew two beers, a pilsner and a dark bock, but they serve four. By blending the two beers in different ratios they also make a Red Ale and a Nut Brown.

We never recommend a place in town without trying it out first so I sat down and tried their beer yesterday. It is unfiltered so has a bit more taste to it than some beer but not real hoppy. Quite smooth. The blending trick is neat but I prefered the Pilsner served straight in an ice-cold glass. The brew pub is smoke-free and they serve the same menu as the original Cafe with some bar snacks thrown in for good measure.

The down side? Maggie Doone isn’t allowed in because they serve food.

So, Spring must be just around the corner with all of these businesses opening up. We had Two Guys a month ago, the Cafe Karibrew a couple of days ago, the Fernan-Deli is opening up on the 9th and a couple of empty stores downtown look like they are getting ready to re-open. Fernandina Beach is a happening little town. Come on down (or up) and see what happens next!
Now all I have to do is figure out where I can install a 155 gallon tank at the Addison. Maybe out on the verandah….
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