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The Tale and Taste of 8 Flags

February 19th, 2009 by theAddison

Those of you who have stayed with us Friday nights probably know about the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. The market is only a block from the inn and there is always a nice selection of local produce, baked goods, preserves and other food. Starting in February the Market is offering something new… The Tale and Taste of 8 Flags.

The Amelia Island Museum of History and the Farmer’s Market have teamed up to bring cooking demonstations that represent the 8 flags that have flown over the island. Here is the schedule so you can plan your trip to include the Market.

  • February 1st, France. Enjoy a demonstration of crepe making by Candlelight Crepes.
  • February 28, Spain. Guest Chef Roberto, of Espana Restaurant (one of our favorites), will be demonstrating the cooking of Paella.
  • March 7, England. Proper Pie will sample dishes of braised beef with dumplings.
  • March 14, Patriots. Checkers will represent both the fare of the Patriot soldiers as well as the fare of their foes, the Spanish.
  • March 21st, Scotland. Feast on haggis with neeps, tatties and whiskey gravy. A take-home kit showing how to make Scottish Bridies will be available.
  • March 28th, Mexico. Enjoy a demonstration of tortilla making.
  • April 4, Confederate/US. Wild pigs roamed the landscape during this time so enjoy a traditional pig roast with carrots and potatoes, black eyed peas and cornbread by Checkers.

I’m sure there were pirate flags flying over the island at times but I don’t see any demonstrations of salt pork and hard tack served with a shot of grog. Aaarrr, there’s nothing like a keg of grog to get a Farmer’s Market hopping.

While you are visiting be sure to go to the Museum. The docent-led tours are fantastic and they really do a great job of presenting the history of the island.

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