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Space Shuttle Launch

March 16th, 2009 by theAddison

Our guests had a special treat last night when we got to watch the launching of a space shuttle. OK, so we weren’t right at Cape Canaveral and didn’t feel the earth tremble or even hear anything but it was pretty exciting anyway.

Right after Happy Hour wrapped up we went down to Main Beach with a few hundred other people, all of us patiently standing in the sand looking south. The shuttle raced across the sky, heading north and trailing a bright orange contrail. We saw the point of separation where the big rockets dropped off and watch for a few minutes more until the shuttle disappeared.

After that it was back to the inn for Shannon and I. We had a full house for the Concours d’Elegance weekend and there’s always something to do when you’ve got a full house. The break at the beach was nice though and now we’ve seen a space shuttle on the go, not just the one sitting in the Udvar Hazy Air and Space Center at Dulles.

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