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Fight For Felix!

April 2nd, 2009 by theAddison

Somebody at City Hall must be on the pipe. The City Manager, based on “alleged complaints” is considering stopping Felix from selling his wares out of the back of his bicycle.

Many of our guests have met Felix while visiting Fernandina Beach. Felix is a real fixture downtown. He pedals his bike through town, stopping at the coffee shop, the Palace and the Green Turtle, to sell fruit, peanuts, cookies and newspapers, mostly to the locals. His Mom packs food into baggies for him to sell. A bag of peanuts is $2 and sometimes you can get pineapples or mangos.

Felix also plays his harmonica to anyone who will listen. You can find him jamming with the band at the Turtle on some Sunday afternoon. He is hard working, incredibly pollite and pleasant to deal with and really is quite the character when you get to know him.

The outrage in town was quite apparent shortly after the newpaper hit the stands. This is a small town and people do tend to look out for one another. Anthony at the Turtle has already offered a section ofhis courtyard for Felix to set up shop. That way he won’t be “obstructing the public rights of way” with his tricycle.

If you look closely at this picture from the newspaper (sorry for the poor quality) you will see that Felix has signed it. He was quite the celebrity yesterday at the Palace where he was autographing the newspapers. Unfortunately, newspaper was all he was selling yesterday. His tricycle has no food to sell until this gets sorted out.

I love living in this town. Only in a small town like this, with so many characters, will a story like this make the front page of the newspaper, above the fold no less. I can hardly wait for the “Letters To The Editor” section when the paper comes out next. I’m sure this story will be prominently featured.
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