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How Not To Feed a Horse

May 26th, 2009 by theAddison

Boomer is the biggest, best behaved horse in Northeastern Florida. He wouldn’t harm a fly. You see that little braid hanging down in front of his face? That swishes flies out of his eyes so that he doesn’t have to swat them with those huge feet of his.

Whenever our guests have Boomer pick them up at the inn for a private tour of the Historic District we give them some apples or carrots for Boomer. When feeding the carrots to Boomer you hold your hand flat with the carrot on top and let Boomer muzzle it right out of your hands. You can hold your hand there even after he has taken the carrot and feel his big ol’ horse lips. They are soft, almost velvetine.

If you take a good look at the big head on this horse you

can see why you have to be careful when feeding him. His mouth is far away from his eyes, tucked away under that nose and he can’t see what he is eating.

We had a nice young couple staying with us in April and they got married in our courtyard with yours truly

presiding. Boomer came to take them on a carriage ride and, as usual, I offered carrots for the bride to feed to Boomer. She didn’t hold her hand flat and Boomer bit her finger. The photographer just happened to be snapping a picture at the moment of the nip.

Horses have sharp teeth. Something about cropping grass. The Bride got a bit of a nip on her finger. She claims it was an accident but I think Brides just like to be the center of attention and Boomer was getting all the attention at the time.

The Bride was a good sport about it though and after some first aid the Bride was all patched up. They started their tour with Boomer pulling them down the road with The Bride sitting in the back of the carriage, as far away from Boomer’s mouth as possible..

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