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The Manatees Are Back

June 4th, 2009 by theAddison

The manatees are back! Each year right around this time the manatees migrate north to our rivers, spend a few months and then head home. They mate here, feed here and enjoy the warm waters of our rivers.

A couple of our guests went out with Captain Lawrence Piper on Tuesday with the hope of seeing manatees. They are a Floridian couple with a boat of their own but they hadn’t seen manatees. I called up Capt Lawrence and asked for the “Manateee Guarantee” but there was no guarantee. He was pretty sure they could find some though and, sure enough, they did. These pictures are courtesy of Capt Lawrence.
Shannon and I went out with Captain Carol last year and saw a small herd (pod? gaggle?) of manatees. Their mating is quite energetic with a lot of thrashing around in the water. One of the beasts came right up to the boat and we got to pet him. He then rolled over on his back and Captain Ritch rubbed his belly with his foot.
The manatees aren’t cute little critters like the local river otters. They are like great big, ugly dogs with incredibly bad breath. But they are interesting critters. Trusting, curious and hungry. If you want to see one and perhaps even pet one now is the time to visit.
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