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It’s a Dog’s Life

June 12th, 2009 by theAddison

The dog days of August are months away but every day is Dog’s Day when your name is Maggie Doone. This is a tough life our little Maggie has.

After our morning walk Maggie pulls the day shift up at the front desk. She claims to be working hard but I think she just reads the paper and tries the crossword puzzle. Most of the day she just sleeps under the printer table.

We go for lots of walks and she knows the routes we take. Our mid-morning walk goes to the post office and down to the Chamber Of Commerce Tourism Depot at the end of Center Street. She stops at the mailbox and waits for me if I’ve got mail in my hand to drop in the box.

Maggie knows where all the handouts in town are too. Our afternoon walk sometimes takes us to the Palace Saloon where she sits patiently on her bar stool waiting for Artie “The One Man Party” to stop bartending long enough to give her some dog treats. After leaving there she leads me past Pompeo’s Italian Restaurant hoping to see Mario, the owner and chef. Between Maggie and Mario I’m not sure who is more excited to see the other. Mario always has a meatball or a sausage for Maggie so we always go by the kitchen door and see if Mario is there.

Sundays are the big day for our spoiled little dog. Sunday is weiner day at the Green Turtle. Debbie makes a big fuss over Maggie and gives her a cut up weiner as a treat. Maggie knows better than to eat with her feet on the bar so she sits up on her barstool like a rabbit and eats off of her plate. She may be spoiled but she knows her manners.
Just before our Happy Hour at the Addison Maggie is pretty much done at the front desk and is ready for a rest. She goes back into our apartment and has a nap while we look after our Happy Hour guests. Maggie likes going to Bretts for our evening walk. She sits on a rocking chair with us and we watch the sun go down while sharing a bottle of wine. Maggie doesn’t get wine of course, she is way too young to be drinking. A short walk back to inn wraps up Maggie’s day.
Maggie Doone doesn’t have the run of the inn but on your next visit you can see her at the front desk. If you talk nicely to her she may even interrupt her nap and come out from under the printer to get her ears scratched.
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