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Kingfish Tournament

June 20th, 2009 by theAddison

The Annual Kingfish tournament is winding up. The tournament lasts two days. The boats head out early Friday morning and fish until 5PM. On Saturday the boats have to be in by 4PM for the final weigh-in. By 2PM today this was the biggest Kingfish to be brought in. It weighs 48.64 pounds. I’m not sure how long it is but that sign is printed on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. This is a really nice sized fish. There were 111 boats registered for the tournament this year, down slightly from the heyday of 130+ boats but still a good showing.
The main event starts right after the fish tournament with a big fish fry. All of the Kingfish are getting cut up and will be served with hush puppies, fries and slaw. All for only $6 with the proceeds going to charity.
Jason, one of our friends here on the Island, was telling me about the Kingfish Tournament in which he was a deckhand on one of the boats. They were out 50 miles off shore when one of The Guys on the boat landed a 67.5 pound fish. They immediately radioed in to The Guy’s wife and told her what they had caught. Of course, all of the other fishermen heard the radio transmission. The excitement builds as The Guy (picture a short man carrying a big fish) gets to the weighing standing with this enormous fish. The fish goes on the scales, the scales tip at 67.5 pounds and the crowd goes wild. The funny part is when a judge walks up, eyeballs the fish and says “That’s not a Kingfish, that’s a Wahoo!”. And then the crowd goes really wild.
Jason had already imagined how he was going to spend the $4,000 (his share of the prize money as a deckhand) and was some dissappointed to find out the had a pretty much worthless Wahoo instead of a prize-winning King Fish.
All this talk about fishing has me thinking I’d love to go do a little off-shore fishing myself. If any of our guests are ever looking for a 4th man to fill their charter boat then I’m your guy! As the Captain of the Wahoo II says…. Stop wishin’ and lets go fishin’!

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