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Pirates on the 4th

July 6th, 2009 by theAddison

We had a nice 4th of July here at the Addison. We had a good sized crowd and many of the couples really got along well together. It was the kind of group that trades e-mail addresses and promises to keep in touch after they leave the Addison.

There was lots going on this weekend too. There was a Union garrison at Fort Clinch for most of the weekend. The Freedom Festival went on all day at Central Park and, being a Saturday, the Farmer’s Market was held during the morning. We had a good turn-out for Happy Hour too. Lee made pasta salad and we served pulled pork from the Happy Tomato. They do pulled pork the right way at the Happy Tomato and their sauces are real tasty. After Happy Hour came the 4th of July Parade, right down Ash Street in front of the inn, so we moved out onto the front porch to watch.

The favorites in any of the parades here (and there are quite a few parades) is the Fernandina Pirates Club. Besides beig parade favorites they engage in charitable good works and are available for hire for any Special event. You can find pirates downtown on any given Saturday, event or no event, hoisting a few pints in the Palace.

At this year’s Shrimp Fest the pirates boarded the OA Bloxam for a cruise around the harbor and the blessing of the fleet. They were a crowd favorite with canons firing and the unfurling of the Bloxam’s big jib sail.

We have a couple of weddings booked at the Addison for the month of August. I’m still hoping that one of them will rent a pirate best man or pirate wench maid of honor. For $30 it would probably be the best value for a never-to-be-forgotten wedding accessory.

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