Exterior of Addison on Amelia

Ken’s Vespa

July 15th, 2009 by theAddison

We get some interesting people come through our little town. I’ve posted previously about inbound and outbound sailors but we’ve never had a Vespa rider before.

Ken showed up today in Fernandina Beach with no plans but we found him a room for the night at the Addison. He is the only long-distance Vespa rider that I have ever met. His current trip is going to be over 3000 miles. Ken sticks to the side roads on his 150 CC bike, hits a high speed of 50 MPH (but cruises much slower) and sees a lot more of America than we do cruising the interstates at 80 MPH.

Ken’s current trip started in St Pete’s FL to Valdosta and McCormick GA, to West Jefferson NC and Haywood VA, on to Harper’s Ferry WV and Annopolis MD. Ken went through Washington DC then down to Jamestown VA and on to Raleigh NC. Last night he was in Beaufort SC and tonight he sat in Fernandina beach FL at our Happy Hour and did not seem road weary at all. Perhaps the secret to life is to slow down, take time to smell the horses and never ever miss a Happy Hour.

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