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Walking For A Cure To Cancer

July 27th, 2009 by theAddison

We recently had the pleasure of having Jim Hickey stay with us. Jim is on his 4th attempt to walk across America while rainsing money for cancer research. Jim lost his father to cancer and has dedicated the last few years of his life to raising money for reseach. Jim doesn’t accept research donations and instead directs donors to several well-known organizations.

Jim has had to cut short his previous attempts due to lack of sponsorship and lack of any kind of support vehicle when crossing the desert. Those wide open hot spaces between cities can be daunting for a solo walker who is good for 20-30 miles per day. This time he has a nephew in Texas who is going to help him out with a support vehicle.

At least that’s what Jim says has stopped his last tries. I think he spends so much time promoting his cause that he just has a hard time getting from one town to another. He came to Fernandina Beach intending to stay one night but slept in (our beds are comfortable!) so couldn’t start off on schedule. Then he set up interviews with the local TV station and some sponsors so he ended up staying on the island for three nights.

Jim’s website is http://www.cancerwalkusa.com/. If any of you see Jim out on the road give him a honk and a wave for support and let us know you’ve seen him.

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