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Ma Jong Comes For a Visit.

August 3rd, 2009 by theAddison

We recently had a fun group of women join us for days filled with shopping, touring and massages at the Ritz Spa. Their evenings were taken up with champagne and their favorite game,Mah Jong. We’ve had Scrabble players and card players before but never a group of such enthusistic Mah Jong players.

The fast paced clicking of the tiles brought back memories. When I was in Saudi Arabia we were invited to the Ras Tanura compound for Friday pot-luck lunches. After lunch the women would all retire to the other room for Mah Jong. They were a quiet group and all you could hear from them was the clicking of the tiles. Once in a while one of the women would come out and get more money to keep playing.

We had a couple stay with us who played Scrabble right from breakfast through to Happy Hour out on the verandah. They got quite animated and even dragged the big dictionary out of the Library to resolve disputes. Other guests take one of our many board games up to their porches and play. There’s nothing like a game of rummy in the afternoon, sitting on your deck outside your room, overlooking the courtyard with the fountain gurgling away.

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