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Our Neighborhood

August 3rd, 2009 by theAddison

I had a call from a potential guest the other evening. She said she loved the website and it gave her a great sense of the inn. She also said that our site said nothing about our neighborhood and she was wondering about the surrounding area.

We have several beautiful old homes in the neighborhood. 6th and 7th Streets used to be known as the “Silk Stocking District” because of the rich people who built and lived in these beautiful Victorian era homes. The Bailey House (top photo) is kitty-corner from us and is a beautiful sprawling home. The 14-bedroom, 14-bath home used to be a B&B but George bought it and decided he wasn’t much of a breakfast cook so now he and his wife live there. George has a small collection of carousel horses that he keeps on the front porch.

The Tabby House is right across the street from our inn. It is called that because of the Tabby construction. Tabby is a poured cement using oyster shells for an aggregate. The walls are about a foot thick. I love the architectural details of the chimneys and the windows, not too wild about the front porch.
At the end of the block is the Davis’s house. It is their vacation home so we don’t see much of them. The house has been in her family for generations and they maintain and landscape it beautifully.
We also have a very popular neighborhood hardware and paint store. When is the last time you went into a hardware store, scooped nails out of revolving bins and weighed them? Andy stocks pretty much everything in the store (Snowshoes in Florida?) and the only time I really need to go off-island to Lowes is if I need sheetrock or any bigger building supply.
So, there you have a little sampling of our neighborhood. You can also check out some spectacular aerial photography of the town on one of our local photographer’s sites. If any of our previous guests have some local scenery shots to share send them in! I’ll put them on our guest computer screen saver slide show for all to enjoy.
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