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Manatees Big and Small

August 11th, 2009 by theAddison

Captain Carol took a few of our guests out on an Eco-Tour earlier this week and the manatees are back in the local rivers. This time out though they had a special treat and saw a momma manatee with her young one. The young manatee was hanging onto momma with his (her?) flipper and hitching a ride. Thanks to Sean for this picture.

The manatees migrate north when the water here warms up some and spend a month or so grazing on the sea grass. Last year when we were out with Catain Carol we saw manatees mating. The manatee gestation period is about a year so the calves are born back here where they were concieved and will start their migrating patterns with their parents like this little one.

Amelia Island is quite the spot for nature lovers. We had guests earlier this month who walked the Egans Creek Greenway. They had never seen alligators before and saw a few of those, lots of birds and several small land-critters. The wild side of the island can be quite captivating.

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  1. Monica

    I love reading your blog! Hopefully the storms stay away during our early September trip. Can’t wait!

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