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Off-Shore Fishing

September 8th, 2009 by theAddison

Mike and Heather came to visit us all the way from Ohio last week for a few days of relaxing and hanging out in Fernandina Beach. While they were here Mike did some off-shore fishing. Cruising off-shore and catching some huge fish gave him absolute bragging rights at the Addison’s Happy Hour.

Mike (wearing the sunglasses) went out for the afternoon with Captain Allen Mills on the Wahoo II, a 32′ Topaz with all the comforts of home including air conditioning. I see Capt Allen most mornings when I’m walking Maggie Doone through the marina. The Wahoo II always has something going on and the boat seems to be away from the dock in the mornings more than it is tied up alongside.

I’ve been out fishing in the rivers of Amelia Island and thoroughly enjoyed it but have always wanted to go offshore. Most of the charter boats head out early in the morning when we are the busiest at the inn (something about breakfast) and Mike is the first guest we have had who went out fishing in the afternoon. They didn’t even go too far out but anchored off island and proceeded to haul in fish after fish.

Mike wasn’t interested in keeping any fish to eat and that was probably a good thing as most of the fish he caught were too big too keep. The top picture is Mike with a 4′ Hammerhead Shark. Think about THAT next time you’re swimming at Main Beach. The second picture is of Mike with a 40+ pound Redfish, the biggest one of several that he caught.
The last picture is my favorite. Mike is trying to hold up a Nurse Shark that is over 5′ long and weighed in over 120 pounds.
A great time was had by all. Mike got to fish all afternoon on a trip he will remember for years and the fish he caught all got to have a short visit on the Wahoo II before being released back into the ocean.
Mike had a great time and highly recommends the Wahoo II. If any of you want to go fishing you can check out them out at http://www.accharters.net/ and if you’ve got room on the boat for one more just let me know. I can always call out for breakfast if I get the chance to do some off-shore fishing.
As Capt Allen says “Quit wishing and lets go fishing!”


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