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Break out the bubbly!

October 2nd, 2009 by theAddison

We have had great news here at the Addison this week. BedAndBreakfast.com (the industry leader in B&B directories) has announced their annual award winners and the Addison was one of the Top Ten Overall in the USA. The really cool thing about this award is that it is all based on guest comments! We received so many positive comments from so many guests that we are in the Top Ten of all the B&Bs in the US. Guest comments have also driven us to be the Number One B&B in Florida on TripAdvisor.com. So, on behalf of Shannon, Lee, myself and the Housekeeping Staff… THANK YOU for visiting us and giving us such great reviews.

We have had some really interesting guests lately, too. We even had a celebrity but we can’t really say anything about her without giving it away and as my good friend Bob used to say “Discretion is my middle word”. Another guest, Will, was with us for a few days and we shared foreign travel stories. After he left he sent me a picture of his time (1958) in Saudi. He was such a handome young Air Force officer back then and you can still see it in him now. Another of our recent guests was an engineer in the Apollo program. I tell you, my friends, Happy Hour has had some really interesting conversations flowing lately.

All bloggers know that you have to include a photo. Although entirely unrelated to our award, our celebrity guest or anything else I have rambled on about I present you another photo of Maggie Doone sitting at the bar at the Green Turtle. That is Maggie on the stool, Louie under the stool (he doesn’t like sitting on the stools) and the hulking mass on the stool next to them is yours truly.

Balance is important in our lives. If you can find that balance between work life, social life and family life then you have the start to a happy life. If you enjoy going to work and enjoy coming home after work then you have a pretty good start. I think that Shannon and I are on that path through the good life. We both thoroughly enjoy what we do, we get along well together (25 years of marriage in November) and people we meet every day seem to be enjoying it too. To all of our guests who have stayed with us, enjoyed the experience and have posted such great comments, again THANK YOU!

One thought on “Break out the bubbly!

  1. grandma e

    Congratulations to the two most hospitable people we know!! Hope to pay a visit to the inn one day soon.

    All the best on your well-deserved award from your old friends in Kamloops! (Come visit us sometime when you’re in the neighbourhood.)

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