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October 8th, 2009 by theAddison

I have resisted getting a FaceBook account up until now for several reasons, the biggest being that I’m just not that into sharing every detail of my personal life with everyone on the planet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a recluse at all. I have been blogging for years and have blogged Trip Reports for 5 years even before starting this blog. I shared travel stories, social commentary, hotel (and/or Labor Camp) reviews as well as details of the day-to-day life on the road in foreign countries. But, all through that, not many personal details.

We have made a recent move into social media as a marketing move for our inn. The multi-media mavens all say this is the way to go so away we go. The Addison now has a facebook page in hopes of communicating our message (Stay with us, please!) to a broader public. We can now share the Addison experience and information about Amelia Island with the entire planet.

The demographics of Facebook are incredible. Over 1.4 billion people have facebook accounts in 36 different languages. Facebook started off with mostly the younger set as users but the average age has crept steadily north and now 47% of Facebook users are over the age of 40. That coincides nicely with the 42 year average age of people that stay in B&Bs. Who can resist the opportunity to reach so many potential guests? Twenty years ago the average age of a B&B guest was 57. It is now 42. At the Addison we get a nice range of guest ages starting off in the low 20s and rising up to the 80s with an average probably around 40 something.

So now, after resisting the Facebook draw for years, the Addison has a Facebook page. We even have our first couple of Fans, hopefully with at least a couple more to follow. At least eight would be nice because their thumbnails would fill up that “Fans” box nicely with no blank spots. Feel free to sign up, we can all always use more friends, especially the kind that don’t want you to help them move across town and need to borrow you and your truck.

I have been busy loading up content, mostly links, information and photos that just doesn’t fit well onto our web site. We get lots of requests from potential guests for more photos, especially those of our courtyard, so I have been uploading elopement photos, local scenery shots and photos given to us by our guests. We frequently have guests who come to the Addison, meet other couples and leave here as friends. Besides providing a broader range of information about the Addison and Amelia Island I’m hoping that the site will give them a forum to keep in touch once they get home.

Check it out if you’ve got a chance. This is new to us so any feedback, especially from those of you who have Facebooked for years, would be appreciated.

Also, please note that October is a busy month for us so instead of actually doing research to come up with the “facts” and “figures” listed above I just made stuff up. I think they sound realistic. Please just don’t use this posting as a “trusted source” if you’re ever in front of a Grand Jury.

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