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Car Show Weekend

October 17th, 2009 by theAddison

We are having an incredible weekend here at the Addison. We’ve got a full house (always good) and there is lots going on to keep everyone busy and happy. The weather is absolutely gorgeous with a high of 75 and nothing but sunshine.

We started off with cooler Fall weather on Saturday morning. I was up early and walked with Maggie Doone down Center Street. The Amelia Cruizers Car show is this weekend and they were filling up Center Street with some fantastic cars. They started late last night and we could hear them driving up all morning. Last year there were 280 cars and this year there should be a few more. This car show is my favorite local event. It is close by, it is free, and the cars have largely been restored by their owners. It is also a favorite of some of our guests and we had a few “repeat offenders”, as we call them, this weekend.

We also had another wedding today in the courtyard. The first wedding service I performed was one year ago. George and Harlene were married at 1PM on Car Show Saturday and they are still married! At least that is what her friends that stayed with us a few weeks ago said. So, now we have an annual tradition… Car Show Elopement! Sign up now for next year before all of the good spots are taken!

After the wedding I took Maggie Doone and “One Eye” Louie for a walk downtown. They really liked the car show, I think mostly because people had been dropping and dripping food all over the road all day. We went to the Turtle and listened to the Face For Radio band. They were pretty good and played all afternoon. They played outside in the courtyard so we had to sit inside because Maggie just does not like the drums.

But wait, there’s more! Nothing says “Festivity” in Fernandina Beach like a pair o’ pirates. Arr! We ran into these two at the Turtle (sorry for the photo quality) as they drummed up support for their Blood Drive. The Blood Bus is at the end of Center Street and last year they got 86 pints for local hospitls at the car show. I’m not sure that a bar is the best place to be recruiting blood donors but I’m not a doctor, I just watch one on TV. The important thing is that everyone was having fun.

We had a good Happy Hour today, too, with almost perfect attendance. Lee modified our popular Spinach Dip by adding chopped bacon and it was great! The rest of the bacon is going on top of the Breakfast-In-A-Boat tommorrow morning.

So, the day, she winds down. As my mother says… As sand through the hourglass flow, so go the days of our lives.

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