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Fernandina Loves A Parade

October 25th, 2009 by theAddison

It was Homecoming Weekend for the Fernandina Beach High School and I tell you this, my friend, Fernandina Beach loves a parade. This one kind of caught me by surprise. Maggie Doone, One-Eye Louie and myself were at the Turtle enjoying a bowl of Nori’s soup when we heard about it. We skittled back to the inn just in time to see the fire trucks and police escort roll by the front porch.

There was a good sized crowd watching the parade. Many of them were small children with Hallowe’en pumpkin trick-or-treat buckets. There was a good showering of Mardi Gras beads and candy from the floats but I think the kids are going to have to wait for Hallowe’en to really fill up their buckets.
Fernandina Beach High School was playing Yulee High School for the Homecoming game. The results haven’t been posted but when I know, you’ll know.

The next big parade will be for Veteran’s Day. The Veteran’s Day parade will coincide with the opening of the new Legion building in town. The old building was a log structure with a roof that caved in so the new building has been a long time coming. The new Legion building has a big central bar / dining facility and a couple of rentable meeting rooms off to the side. They raised the 40′ flag pole the other day and Artie (Artie The One Man Party, daytime bartender at the Palace Saloon and one who has served his country well) says you should be able to see the flag when you cross over the bridge onto the island. There are a lot of people on the island, myself included, who are excited to see the new building open.

That is the excitement for today. Before Veteran’s Day of course, we have the Georgia Florida Football Classic weekend. The First GA/FL Great Tailgate Cookoff was delayed until next year so we at the Addison will be doing our own pre-tailgate party on Friday night for Happy Hour. I’m going to make my favorite hamburger patties, fire up the grill and get the football weekend started wih some great food. Nothing says “football fun” like a tailgate cookout. See you there!

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