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I Just Want To Bang On My Drum All Day

October 30th, 2009 by theAddison

If any of you have an artistic or creative bent then you are going to love one of Fernandina Beach’s newest nightspots. The place is ideally located right between 3rd and 4th on Center Street, just around the corner from the Green Turtle and practically next door to O’Kane’s Irish Bar. Indigo Alley (http://www.indigo-alley.com/) used to be the Cigars and Guitars shop. Then they rented out the ex-bar next door, broke through the wall between the two shops and now have Indigo Alley. Personally, I think “Cigars, Guitars and a Bar” would have been a better name but you should hear what I thought of renaming the Addison when we bought it.

Indigo Alley’s bartender is also their dance instructor and the man clearly has a passion for dance. The give lessons 3 nights a week with Swing, Salsa and Latin rotating the Schedule. They have live music most nights and usually have something else happening.

Wednesday is “Sew and Sip” with people sewing and drinking. From a safety point of view I’m not certain that alcohol and needles are a good mix but these people are probably trained professionals. Do not try this at home!

Monday night hosts something completely different… a Drum Circle. We have had guests with drum experience go to the circle and come back with great stories about the group so we thought we’d give it a try last Monday. How many different ways can you spell “mistake”? I have absolutely no rhythm. My family has pretty much decided that I shouldn’t dance in public and if you give me a drum and a stick and I will bang away like a monkey with the DTs. The rest of the people in the circle were good at what they do and were willing to share drums and things started off well but deteriorated rapidly. Twenty minutes later we left the Circle and sat at the bar where we belonged.

The next time you are staying with us you really have to check this place out. We’ve been there a few times for the live music and, with the embarrassing Drum Circle experience excepted, it is a nice little spot that we have really enjoyed.

Sorry, no photos in this posting. If you follow the link above you will find some great pics as well as a schedule of upcoming events. Do you notice how people in the Drum Circle picture look like they are really having a good time? That was taken before we got there.
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