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The House Next Door

November 8th, 2009 by theAddison

What a difference a year makes! Back in September of 2008 I wrote about the house next door to the Addison. It has been through several renovations over the last century and has been used to house civil war prisoners (in the now-missing 3rd floor), has been a house and has been used as a restaurant by the last two owners.

The current owners have renovated the building back to residential use and have done a great job. Their contractor has done a great job rebuilding the house and has rebuilt everything from the foundations to the chimneys. There is some (as in not much) original framing in the building and the decks on three sides of the house are original but he has rebuilt pretty much everything else. He rebuilt all of the bearing walls, replaced all of the windows, doors, siding, electric and plumbing. This house will easily stand for another 100 years after all the work that has been done.

The first two pictures are the “before” pics. You can see the concrete block storage building on the right side. That has been removed and the two decks have been wrapped around the side of the building giving complete wrap-around decks. The back yard has been cleared of storage sheds and propane tanks and will be a bricked patio with a fire pit.

There is still some landscaping to do and the interior decorators start on Monday but the outside structure only has a bit of painting needed and it will be done. The second set of two pictures are the “after” shots of the building.

Vernon has been a good neighbor for a construction contractor. By law they are allowed to start banging and hammering at 7:00. With only rare exceptions they held of any noisy work until 8 or 8:30. In the year they were working next door we didn’t receive any noise complaints from our guests. We even had the crew over for breakfast to express our appreciation.

So, a little more work to do and they will be done. The owner wants to have the home included on the Amelia Island Museum of History Holiday Home Tour. There are several historic homes that will be open to the public on December 4th and 5th. The tour was very popular last year and all the homes will be fully decorated for Christmas. They have about three weeks left before the tour so we expect to see a lot of activity as the decorators leap into action. We are giving away tickets to the tour to our guests. Check out our website for details. Maybe you’ll even get to see the inside of the house next door!

One thought on “The House Next Door

  1. grandma e

    How great to have a spruced up “house next door” to the Addison. It looks as if the contractor did a beautiful job of the reno! That’s quite a “before” and “after” story.

    Hope all is well in your neighbourhood.

    Ethel and Rick

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