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Happy Thanksgiving

November 26th, 2009 by theAddison

Happy Thanksgiving!

Noman Rockwell is a great artist and he gave us this iconic portrait of an American family Thanksgiving. It is a great pictue and you can practically smell the turkey but I could never figure out how Grandma managed to hold that platter of turkey steady enough while he painted the picture. That is one big heavy bird. And the guy in the bottom right bothers me some. He looks like a neighbor that snuck into the house and doesn’t really belong there.

There are many things for us to be thankful for here at the Addison this year. We are having a great Thanksgiving weekend here with a nice sized crowd of guests that we’re having a lot of fun with. The sun, she shines, and the weather forecast for the weekend is good. We have had good guests this year. The business is up nicely from last year, our guests seem to like what we do and we get good reviews. Shannon, Lee and I all enjoy running the inn. Maggie Doone and One-Eyed Louie are healthy and happy. What more do we need to be thankful for?

Most of the local restaurants are closed today so Shannon has really gone over the top with our Happy Hour snacks. Shannon has made a gorgonzola-cranberry pie, pecan squares, meatballs with spicy cranberry glaze and garlic toast for our guests at Happy Hour. The kitchen smells good just like a kitchen should on Thanksgiving.

Everyone here at the Addison thanks you for coming to stay with us this year. We hope that you travel safely and have a good Thanksgiving with your families.

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