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Bob Wants a Pig For Christmas

December 6th, 2009 by theAddison

I get e-mails practically every day from guests, relatives and friends asking me “What does Bob want for Christmas?”. This year I actually have an answer to that question… a pig. Yup, Bob wants a pig for Christmas.

We don’t actually have room at the inn for a pig so it will go to a needy family in some far off land. They will raise it, fatten it up and probably eat it. If the pig has been a good pig maybe they will breed it. The key point is that the pig will make somebody’s life better and Heifer.org is going to look after the details.

Don’t get me wrong. Please DO NOT send me a pig. Instead you can log on to my Gift Registry at Heifer.org and contribute to my pig. The whole pig is $120 but you can buy a share of the pig for $10. Just $10 to enrich some poor family’s life. Sounds like a good deal to me.

So, fire up your laptop, log on to heifer.org and buy a share of a pig. You don’t even have to wrap it and schlep down to the post office to wait in line. You can do it, make the world better one pig at a time.

Pass it along! http://www.heifer.org/myregistry/bob_on_an_island is the place to go to get a piece of a pig.

Post script:

I invited friends to buy a piece of the pig and received this e-mail from Eric. He knows of what he speaks.

“I like this and plan to contribute. This is right in line with what I am writing about professionally – that to eliminate terrorism and warfare we have to eliminate the roots of them – poverty, lack of education… – all those things that lead to fear and hopelessness. It is a simple thing of looking at Maslow’s hierarchy to understand what it takes to get a peaceful world – fill people’s basic needs so they stop fearing survival and start thinking, and participating, constructively in society. If we do this, those that sow hate will gradually fade because they won’t be able to find constituents.”

This year a pig, next year a water buffalo!

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