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Amy and Justin Get Married

December 14th, 2009 by theAddison

In the last year I have married over 40 couples in our courtyard. Most of these services have been a small ceremony between the bride and the groom with me presiding. Sometimes a photographer is hired, sometimes I take a few photos after the ceremony but, all said and done, these are typically pretty small events.
This weekend we had a major wedding event. The Bride’s mom rented the entire inn for two nights and they invited friends and family to watch the young couple get married. The rehearsal was Saturday night in the pouring rain. It was a game crowd though and everyone was optimistic for the weather on Wedding Sunday.

On Sunday the clouds parted and the skies were blue. Seventy of their closest friends and relatives came to watch the ceremony in our courtyard. One of our local Executive Chefs, Nori-san, prepared the food and the crowd loved it. The Shrimp Spring Rolls were a big hit and the Smoked Salmon on Baguette really went fast. The wedding was at 2PM, the food was on the tables by 2:30 and at 5 a horse-drawn carriage picked up the newly married couple and the party was over.
There was a hectic breakfast this morning as most people needed to catch early flights but we served a Peach-Blueberry Tort and Breakfast Panini Sandwiches with Pan Fried Potatoes to get everybody filled up before they left. A lot of them had a long day of air travel to look forward to and they don’t serve food on planes anymore so what we served this morning had to get them through to dinner at home.
It was a nice weekend and a good crowd. They all checked out today and the inn is quiet tonight. Sometimes we look forward to a quiet night and a chance to sleep in. We don’t like it very often (and neither does the bank) but after a full-house weekend we do look forward to it.
The pictures above were taken by me. The real wedding photography was done by Ashley and Greg of Brooke Images (http://www.brookeimages.com/) The photos turned out really well and we have an album of them on our facebook page. The pictures give you an idea what the courtyard looks like all decorated for a wedding with 70 people milling about.