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The Christmas Pig

December 25th, 2009 by theAddison

A few weeks back (see post of 6-Dec-09 for details) I requested that if anyone felt compelled to buy me a gift for Christmas that I would appreciate donations towards a pig. The pig would be sent overseas to be given to some family in need. They would raise it, breed it and eventually eat the pig.

This was to be no ordinary pig. This was to be a terrorist fighting pig. To paraphrase a friend of mine:

To eliminate terrorism we have to elimiate the roots – poverty and lack of education – all of those things that lead to fear and hopelessness. To get a peacefull world we must fill people’s basic needs so that they stop fearing survival and start thinking, and participating in, a constructive society. If we do this then those who sow hate will gradually fade because they won’t be able to find constituents.

The response was overwhelming and my friends and family donated enough to buy almost two pigs. For those who contributed, I thank you. I’ll top up the donation list so that two full pigs will be ready to go fight terrorism. A half a pig isn’t much of a fighter.

The pigs will end up at some poor family’s farm, maybe in Honduras or in Thailand. The people will feed it rotten yams and garden scraps and the pig will thrive. Some day a few years from now they will kill the pigs and eat them. And the world may be a better place. Thanks again to those who contributed.

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