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A Few Days Later And Winter Is Over!

January 17th, 2010 by theAddison

My neighbor George, who has lived in Fernandina Beach all of his 62 years, says that this was the worst winter he has ever seen. We had 5 or 6 nights of freezing temperatures and even lost a few ferns to frost damage. You know it is cold when both myself and our mailman are wearing long pants.

That cold weather is now but a distant memory. We are back to serving breakfast out on the veranda and will have Happy Hour out there again as well. Maggie Doone and I just got back from a brisk walk down to the marina and back and we are both plenty warmed up. The sun is out, the high clouds are moving fast in the wind and we are looking forward to a gorgeous afternoon.

January is a slow month here so we take the opportunity to relax a little or paint some guest rooms. The only big excitement for us has been the arrival of our Latte Mugs for the gift shop. Not that we serve lattes but the mugs are nice and are big enough to be a soup bowl too.

Even though we are slow in January we still do have several guests over the weekend. Some people like to avoid the crowds and travel in the off season. Tomorrow they are going on an Eco-Tour with Captain Carol and if the weather tomorrow is anything like today they are going to have a great time.

Today is Sunday and we all know what that means… wiener day for Maggie Doone at the Green Turtle and that big front porch of theirs is going to be a nice spot to relax in the sun this afternoon. I know some of you live where winter, snow and cold temperatures are still hanging on. If it gives you any comfort as you huddle in your parka feel free to live vicariously through me and imagine yourself on the front porch of the Turtle, enjoying the warm sunshine and a cold beer.

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