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Business Is Slow But We Are Busy!

January 19th, 2010 by theAddison

As I said last week, January is a slow month here in Fernandina Beach. Maybe something to do with the weather (72 and sunny today)? So what do we do when business is slow? We get busy!

This week we’ve got a couple of Repeat Offenders with us for a few days. They are both interior designers with “chair in the air designs, inc.” (404-851-0000) out of Atlanta. Shannon loves interior design, as any past guests will recognize, and really hit it off with Deborah and Tammi. This afternoon they are tearing apart the living room and taking a second look at what we originally put together when we bought the inn. Over the next couple of days they will be going through the inn, room by room, looking at redecorating ideas for updating the decor and the colors. I sense that my To Do List will be enormous over the next few months. It is a good thing that I like painting. I find it very therapeutic and relaxing when given the time.

What else are we doing? Odie is power washing all of the lower level decks today and once they dry off we will put down a wood preserver. Starting next week we will be washing all of the exterior windows. When you own a 134year-old house there is always something to do and if you don’t keep on top of the maintenance it will get away from you.

My favorite thing to do, of course, when business is slow is to exhale and relax. Maggie Doone and I went down to the Green Turtle this afternoon and had a cold beer while sitting on the front porch. The water view is minimal from the porch (you really have to look closely between the trees to see the water) but it is a nice spot in which to sit in the sun and contemplate the enormity of my To Do List.

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