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Louie’s New Ride

February 3rd, 2010 by theAddison

It was a sad day at the Addison when One-Eyed Louie moved out. We feared we would never see him again as he now lives too far away to run to work and he can’t drive or ride a bike (the whole no opposable thumbs evolutionary thing). That all changed today with the introduction of Louie’s Limo, his new pull-behind ride.

We took him on a test ride today. He was OK getting into his limo and sat nicely while he was pulled around the block behind the bike. He was trembling a bit at first but got used to it quite quickly and now hops in and out easily. The front screen door zips up to keep him safely inside and has a plastic window in case of rain.

Now One-Eye can come to work every day and hang out with Maggie Doone and life at the inn is as it should be.

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