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What Happened to February?

February 27th, 2010 by theAddison

February is almost gone already! We have been busy at the Addison and the month just flew by, especially fast even for such a short month.

This last week we saw the kick-off of the Amelia Island Film Festival and we had a Meet And Greet at the Addison. We had film directors, festival execs and VIPs mixing in with our guests for a glass of wine and some of Shannon’s appetizers. The event was well attended and our guests enjoyed the opportunity to hear all about the festival.

The highlight for me this week was the private art showing we had during happy hour on Friday. Terry and Ann stayed with us for a week as they attended a painting workshop in town. They spent their days out at Fort Clinch practicing their craft and produced some really nice paintings. On Friday they brought their paintings in for a little show at happy hour. We really do get such interesting people through the Addison.

With February almost gone we are hoping for some warmer weather. We realize that winter still has a pretty firm grip on the rest of the country and that people are socked in under feet of snow but this is Florida! What is up with the 60 degree weather? The average daily high in March is 72 degrees so I’m expecting a big improvement in the next day or so. After all, February is almost over and March starts on Monday.
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