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A Point of Clarification….

February 28th, 2010 by theAddison

If I may put the record straight on a point of discussion. One-Eyed Louie has two eyes. One-Eyed Louie has always had two eyes. He was given “One-Eye”, his Pirate nickname, because of the way he looks out of the window. We get quite a crowd on the verandah for Happy Hour some evenings and Louie wants to see what is going on. He pushes the blinds aside and looks out with one side of his beagle head pressed against the window.

Why do I feel the need to clarify this? I introduce Louie as “One-Eye” when we go dowtown and I have mentioned him several times on this blog. The common reaction when people meet him and get a good look at his two good eyes is to look at me and accuse me of misleading them about the beagle’s alledged handicap. So again, One-Eyed Louie has two eyes. For the record.

Also, for the record and for posterity, here is a picture of One-Eyed Louie as a pup. No editorial comment intended’ just a cute photo of a dog. Please notice his two eyes.

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