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The phones are ringing!

March 7th, 2010 by theAddison

The peak tourism season ids upon us and our phones are ringing. It could be that they are ringing too much. I noticed it first last night just as I was locking up. Our phone system was lit up like Uncle Ted at New Year’s Eve. When I checked our messages this morning we had 306 new voice messages. Something in our marketing plan was working!

It turns out that something in Nickelodeon’s marketing plan was working. They are running an on-air promotion where kids can phone in and win a trip to the Kid’s Choice Awards in Hollywood. Unfortunately for us and their soon-to-be-unemployed campaign manager, they posted our main telephone number on their ad.

We not only get calls from kids who are convinced they have won a prize but we get a second call from them just to check that they dialed the correct on-screen number. Then we get a follow up call from their parents who want to be sure that their kids aren’t being hosed out of something.

Lessons learned from today:

1. Little kids on the phone cam be really cute especially when a trip to Hollywood for their family is up for grabs.

2. You can’t actually phone anyone from the Nickelodeon channel to complain about something like this.

3. Little kids without valid credit cards are not capable of reserving rooms at a top-rated Bed and Breakfast Inn. No matter how I tried to sell it. They just don’t get the concept.

4. Our phone system can take 120 messages in an hour which is faster than I can listen to and delete them.

5. Every call must be answered because somewhere, in all of those calls from kids, is a couple from Ohio that wants to book a room for 4 nights in April.

6. If I ever change professions and want to sell stuff to kids I will definitely advertise on Nickelodeon TV.

Otherwise, it has been a good day. We have a full house again tonight and our guests really enjoyed the Sounds on Center concert last night and the first Garden Show today. We had good attendance at Happy Hour tonight with a lot of animated discussion and we have a great breakfast being prepped for tomorrow morning (Life Is Short Eat Desert First Strawberry Shortcake and Breakfast Quesadillas with pan-fried potatoes on the side. No snorkers). I’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep if we can stop the phone from ringing. I’m sure that even a classic bell ringer would appreciate a little quiet from the bells.

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  1. R. Keefer

    Bob, this is hilarious! Trying to convince my husband to sometime come down and see you and your family! – Raina

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