Exterior of Addison on Amelia

Amelia Island Geocaching Challenge

March 30th, 2010 by theAddison

We’ve got our own high-tech treasure hunt happening on Amelia Island this summer, the Amelia Island Geocaching Challenge. Geocaching is a type of scavenger hunt for waterproof containers bearing treasure using the container’s exact geographic coordinates and Global Positioning System devices.

There are six geocaches, like the one shown in the picture, hidden around the island. As you find each one using the provided GPS coordinates you write down the secret code that is inside. Once you have found all six of the containers you turn the form in at the Tourist Depot at the end of Center Street and you are entered to win a prize, the real treasure of the contest.

GPS systems must have really improved in the last ten years. The last time I used a hand-held GPS the accuracy was only within 3 meters. That kind of accuracy is fine I guess for what I was doing, mapping pipelines across the Arabian desert without getting lost, but wouldn’t be much good for this kind of search. Some of the geocaches are buried and without pinpoint accuracy there would be a whole lot of digging going on.

So what is the contest’s big prize, the treasure that everyone is seeking? Everyone who finds all six geocaches will be entered in a drawing for a 4-night stay here at the Addison! Happy hunting!

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