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From where do our guests come?

April 7th, 2010 by theAddison

Ray is staying with us for a few nights with his wife, Frieda, and they are celebrating their 13th anniversary. Ray was born and raised in Guam so, of course, we started talking about Spam and the great ways you can serve it at breakfast. The fact that Ray is from Guam got me wondering… Just from where do our guest come? From a marketing point of view I know from where most our guests come but what if we dug a little deeper?

The big three states are Florida, Georgia and Ohio. For some reason people just can’t wait to get out of Ohio. What about the rest?

I focused on just the last 12 months to see how far we have travelled to get here. I found that it was easier to list the states from which we did NOT have guest travel. Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware and Idaho. Kansas, Montana, North and South Dakota (who would want to leave the Dakotas to come to Florida?), and Utah. That’s it for the USA. Nine states are under-represented in our guest book for the last year.

In the last year we have had Canadian guests from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and New Brunswick. European guests have come from Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Sweden and of course the UK. We love our guests from the UK as they always leave us with a bit of local jargon that we adopt (as in “cracking snorkers” and “blowing a hoolie“). South American guests have come from Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela. A friend of mine that I worked with in Saudi wants to bring his fiance from Russia to the inn for their wedding.

And then there is Shannon and myself. We are originally from the west coast of Canada but moved east to Northern Ontario for years and then down to Virginia. After 14 years in Virginia we ended up here in Florida.

To try and level the demographics here at the Addison we are going to offer a special rate just for people living in under-represented states and provinces. This Special is just for our Blog readers and Facebook Fans from Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, the Dakotas, Utah, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and PEI. Stay with us this June, July, August or September and we’ll give you 25% off your room rate. This Special will not be posted anywhere but here on the Blog. This offer can not be combined with other offers. Please bring proof of residency (driver’s license…) to get your 25% off.

The world is getting smaller, my friend. Cheap airfares, the amount of information available on the Internet and the desire to be somewhere else are all fuelling what could be the largest travel boom in history. And they are coming to Florida from all over the world. What for? Warm weather, nice beaches, a great B&B experience at the Addison and a few days to sit back and relax. Throw in rich history, great restaurants and a natural paradise and I can see why people come to visit us from all over the world.

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