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Guest Writer – Maggie Doone

April 24th, 2010 by theAddison

Woof! Bob asked me to give a different perspective on the blog by writing about my experiences here on Amelia Island. It is a tough life being the inn dog and my days are pretty full but I’ll give this writing thing a try. I don’t have opposable thumbs but I’ve been watching Bob type and he doesn’t use his thumbs so it shouldn’t be too hard.

My day starts at 8 when I open up the front desk and take my chair. I keep an eye on things up there until after breakfast when I take someone for a walk. Today I took Shannon to the beach and it was great! Lots of birds to chase, lots of running in circles and I even got to dig a hole under Shannon when she sat down. By 4:30 I’m pretty worn out from watching the desk and greeting guests so I head back to my apartment at the back of the inn.

I take Bob on lots of walks through the day. This first picture is one of my neighbors, Hamish. I like him more than he likes me but he is older and less playful. Hamish lives in a historic home just around the corner from the Addison and his house is the first of many stops as we walk through town.

This next picture is of one of my best friends, Artie the One Man Party. I sit on a bar stool at the Palace and watch Artie working the bar crowd. In his hand he has dog treats that he keeps in a box under the bar. Artie is a soft old guy and I just have to look at him with the right expression on my face and he’ll give me some treats.

Shrimp Fest is right around the corner and will be here next weekend. I love Shrimp Fest for the interesting smells and for all the food that people drop on the sidewalks. It is always nice to see our return guests as well. I’m not real wild about the noise from the fireworks or from the pirate’s cannons so I hide under the bed during the parade. It goes down the street right in front of the inn and the cannons get pretty noisy.

All of this writing is pretty exhausting work. I think I’ve got just enough time to have a nap before the end of my shift. Lots of our guests have a nap before Happy Hour, why not me?


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