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Liz Kershaw Wins Again at Shrimp Fest!

May 1st, 2010 by theAddison

Those of you who have stayed with us for Shrimp Fest in the past will recognize Liz Kershaw in the photo to the right. She and her husband Ed (that’s him lurking in the background of the photo) stay at the Addison every year during the Shrimp Festival. Liz is posing with a couple of her new paintings “Swan Lake” at the top and “Persistence“.

It took Liz 4 months to paint Swan Lake. The watercolor won Best Of Show recently at the Punta Gorda National Art Exhibition. The judges at the Shrimp Fest like it as well and voted it Best Watercolor of the show this year. Better pictures of all of Liz’s paintings can be seen on her web site.

Anyone who has been through our dining room in the last year will recognize Liz’s Forest Fire painting. A large print of it hangs in our dining room.
We couldn’t have Forest Fire hanging in the dining room all alone so at this year’s Shrimp Fest we stopped by Liz’s booth and bought her original “One Of a Kind”. As an added bonus Ed offered us a print of Swan Lake that we now have in the dining room (now known as The Elizabeth Kershaw Gallery) on consignment. The next time you’re at the inn you can check it out. Maybe it would look good hanging in your dining room.

2 thoughts on “Liz Kershaw Wins Again at Shrimp Fest!

  1. Wakieone

    Dear Maggie and One-eyed Louie-
    I understand the two of you entertained the Dolphin family this weekend, and I’ve a bone to pick with you!
    All well and good that Bob made all the Divas’ wishes come true in the blink of an eye-
    Just swell that Shannon wowed them with fantastic breakfasts-
    Totally peachy that the Inn staff were personable, accomodating and efficient-
    Never mind that the Inn is white glove clean and photo ready…
    You seem to have overlooked the fact the the supreme diva, moi, was omitted from the goings on!
    I will chalk it up to oversight.
    Kindest pug diva regards-
    P.S. If I knew how, I’d include a signed photo of myself in full bloom pugdom

  2. Wakieone

    Although I’m sure Ms. Kershaw would love me as a model, my comments were really intended as an adjunct to the Dolphin Diva blog.
    Mea culpa.
    Lucy Pug Diva Extraordinaire

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