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Crawling the Pubs of Fernandina

May 10th, 2010 by theAddison

Are you looking for more than just a cold beer or glass of Pirate’s Punch when you head out for a night on the town? How about a history lesson and a tour of some of the older pubs in town? If so, the local Museum of History has just what you need… the Historic Fernandina Beach Pub Crawl.

This crawl happens every Thursday. For a $25 ticket you get escorted through some of the oldest saloons, bars and taverns in town. The price of admission not only gets you a drink at each of four pubs but it also gets you a narrated tour with stories that are part of our pubs’ past. For tickets you can call 904-261-7378 or get more information at http://www.ameliamuseum.org/

Another pub crawl is the Great Fernandina Beach Pirate Pub Crawl that is organized (?) by a couple of our friends at Cafe Karibo. The next one happens May 30th, the Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend. There are drink specials at 8 of the local bars and you get a T-shirt! The stops include the Palace Saloon, Cafe Karibrew (the island’s only brewpub, photo on the right), Pablo’s, O’Kane’s Irish Pub, Indigo Alley, the Crab Trap, Wicked Davey’s and my personal favorite, the Green Turtle Tavern. The Turtle is the last stop and that’s where the after party will be held. Just let me know if you want to go and I’ll get your tickets for you.

Of course, if you’re not up to hitting 8 bars and you’re just looking for a cold beer in a nice local tavern I can look after that for you as well. I LOVE living here. This is the only town I have ever lived in where bars will let me print up my own free beer coupons for their bar. So, drop a big hint at the Addison’s Happy Hour and I drop a free beer coupon for the Green Turtle on you.

No matter how you pick up your beer and toast your fellow drinkers, be it said prosit, gezuar, salut, skaal, chinchin, kampai, mabuhay or oogywawa it is always nice to enjoy a cold one with old friends or old friends-to-be.


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