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The Shrimp and the Not-So-Shrimpy

May 16th, 2010 by theAddison

You will see a new addition to the artistic scene in Fernandina Beach on your next visit. Twelve giant shrimp (I know – oxymoron) have been decorated by local artists and are being placed throughout the downtown area and in a few other island locations.

The shrimp are part of the Shrimp Expressions program and they will be on display until the end of September when they will be auctioned off. Shrimp Expressions is in support of Micah’s Place, Nassau County’s only Certified Domestic Violence Center. The program will raise funding for the Center, create awareness for domestic violence prevention, support local artists and support local tourism initiatives.

Micah’s Place is running several contests throughout Shrimp Expressions with a different contest each month. Full details on Shrimp Expressions, the contests and Micah’s Place can be found at http://www.shrimpexpressions.com/. There is even a map you can use to find all of the shrimp.

Two of the three shrimp shown here can be found on Center Street. The third on is on the deck at Brett’s Waterway Cafe, right in front of the rocking chairs.
Now for the “Not-So-Shrimpy” portion of today’s post. The mega-yacht Casino Royale is docked in the Fernandina Beach Harbor. This tri-deck ship is privately owned and at 163 feet is the largest boat I have seen in the marina with the exception of the American Spirit Cruise ship. The Casino Royale has 6900 square feet of interior space that is filled with James Bond references. The spiral staircase in the entry way has Bond-girl silhouettes etched in glass and there is a roulette wheel sculpture made of petrified wood and stone.
I was thinking we could rent the Casino Royale and do a Surf-And-Turf Bed and Breakfast deal. You know, a couple nights here at the Addison and then a couple nights on the boat. The word on the street is that you can rent the Casino Royale for $60,000 per week. (It sounds steep but the price includes the 10-person crew.) With 6 staterooms, that works out to about $1500 per night per room. Ouch! I think I’ll pass on the rental. With a 15,000 gallon fuel tank I’d be hard pressed to fill up the tank and a boat just isn’t much fun tied to the dock.
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