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Spring? Almost Summer!

May 25th, 2010 by theAddison

We have only lived in Florida for a couple of years and it amazes me how quickly I have forgotten about winter. Sure, we had those 5 cold days in January but we moved on. I keep getting reminders that it is still winter in other parts of the country.

My eldest son sent a photo a few weeks ago of the latest snowfall in Fort McMurray, his latest home town. My sister in BC had ice on her lawn last week and my mother (also in BC) still tells me there is snow in the mountains. Fresh snow, not leftover snow. We have had guests recently heading home to their northern states and a reception of snow, sleet and cold rain.
Here? The weather is nice, hitting 80 degrees most days and the humidity is still pretty reasonable. Our outdoor courtyard veranda is the preferred place for breakfast and most of our guests take our towels and chairs to the beach for the day. It will get hot later, in August, but for now the weather is perfect.
The garden, she grows! The annuals out in front of the house have really filled in nicely. In the courtyard we have a tub of aloe plants growing that really come in handy during the sunny days. We cut off aloe leaves and the juice is a great relief to our guests for their sunburns. This is the first year that our aloe plant has flowered. OK, it is a kind of straggly looking flower but next year, who knows?
Our gardenia bush is really doing well, too. The bush is in a big pot out in the courtyard where it gets sun for half of the day. We usually get two full flowerings a year with the first one in the spring. The flowers are small but there are many of them and do they ever smell good!
We have a hard time finding flowers that will do well by the fountain in the courtyard. So much water splashes out of the fountain that we need a plant that will do well in the wet soil. We seem to have found such a plant in this lily. The lily on one side of the fountain keeps 3 blooms going on a regular basis.
Memorial Day weekend will be upon us in a few days. Fernandina Beach is hosting the Florida State Putt Putt Championship this year down at the course at Main Beach and the Pirate’s Pub Crawl is on Sunday afternoon. Of course we will have the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. The Market is becoming so successful that they are looking at expanding the site to allow more vendors. Later in the month of June we have regularly scheduled events such as the Garrison at Fort Clinch, the 2nd Saturday Artrageous Artwalk and the 3rd on 3rd ( third Friday at the Amelia Island Museum on 3rd st) historical display. Details of all of the local events can be found at our recently revamped, upgraded and expanded Events Page.. There is a lot going on, we hope to see you soon!
Post Script, 29-May:
It is still winter somewhere! This photo was sent by my son. He was in Calgary visiting a friend on the 27th of May. This is his friend’s back yard.
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