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Good News from BedAndBreakfast.com!

June 1st, 2010 by theAddison

BedAndBreakfast.com recently announced another level, the Diamond Collection, to their B&B listings. BedAndBreakfast.com is a real powerhouse in the B&B directories so we looked into this new, higher level of listing.

Most listing levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze….) with most on-line directories are based only on how much per month you are willing to pay for your on-line listing. Of course, the more you pay, the more bells and whistles your listing will have. The part we liked about the Diamond Collection listing is that it requires inspection by a third party to determine if we really are to the Diamond Collection standard.

Most of you, including me back when I had a real job, have someone (the Boss) who is more than happy to tell you if you made an error, are late on a schedule or have fouled up a report. As innkeepers we do not regularly get that critical feedback. We get a ton of positive reviews from our guests (Thanks again, glad you liked it!) but an occasional operation review from an independent party who has worked in the B&B industry would have to be a good thing. We get set in our ways, bask in the good reviews and may need a good shake once in a while to instigate some fresh thinking.

Our inspector stayed with us in April and gave us a few suggestions before departing. Many of his recommendations have already been incorporated into our daily routine. We now offer our regular breakfast plus alternate breakfasts for those with lighter appetites and we have more juices to choose from. We have de-cluttered the front hall by installing a wall-mounted rack for brochures that advertise local events and activities. Monogrammed bathrobes are on the way! We may even get polo shirts with the Addison logo for our staff to make them more visible and accessible to our guests (Me? I’m sticking with Hawaiian shirts). Many little things that we look at every day (worn Welcome mats for example) were pointed out and have since been replaced.

The inspector stuck a bee in Shannon’s bonnet about a venture that he ran quite successfully at his B&B. Shannon has been researching and planning and we may end up making a significant change at the inn based on this idea. It is too soon to tell so I’ll just leave that hanging for now.

We received our official Diamond Collection report today and we scored 184 out of a possible 195 which is apparently enough to be in the Diamond Collection on BedAndBreakfast.com. We certainly hope that you, our guests, are pleased with our efforts and we thank you for all of your positive feedback on the Addison experience.

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