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Maggie Doone Goes For A Walk

July 8th, 2010 by theAddison

After much research, debate, hemming and hawing, and failed attempts at purchasing, I bought a Flip Camcorder. I tried to buy one earlier this week at Staples but discovered they were out of stock after waiting about 20 minutes. So I tried to buy one at WalMart but no luck there either. I was in the store for 20 minutes, could see the Flip sitting in the locked glass case but could find nobody with a key to the case.

This morning, right after breakfast was served (Blueberry – Peach Tort and Breakfast-In-A-Boat!) I left the island and drove to Best Buy. I ended up buying two cameras but I’ll tell you about the other one later. So, I bought Flip before lunch, shot footage this afternoon and put together a nice little video right after Happy Hour. This thing is easy to use, let me tell you this my friend.

Here’s the plan. I bought the Flip Camcorder to loan to our guests so that they can video their experiences while on Amelia Island. Segway tours, hiking, fishing, whatever they get into they can now video! I can either burn them a CD or e-mail them the video but the cool part is that their videos will be part of an ever-expanding guest-generated library of what to see and do on Amelia Island.

Here is my first attempt at a Flip video. It is a bit shaky and I haven’t figured out how to do voice-overs yet but for a first attempt I’ll be happy. Maybe I’ll put something together for the Amelia Island Film Festival. I can hardly wait to see what some of our guests come up with!

One thought on “Maggie Doone Goes For A Walk

  1. Rick Wolf and Peter Scherman

    Very Cool! Loved the video and Maggie’s tour of the local watering holes.

    Can’t wait to do our own ‘Flip’ in September.

    Thanks Bob for a fun experience…Hi to Shannon.


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