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A Great Morning at The Beach

July 14th, 2010 by theAddison

All of the Addison’s guests came down early for breakfast today so at 9:30 I decided to take Maggie Doone down to the beach before it got too hot outside for her. She LOVES going to the beach!

We only spent a half an hour walking the sand but what a half hour! The sand was nice and clean, the surf wasn’t too noisy (Maggie doesn’t like the noisy surf) and there weren’t too many people around. That is one of many really nice things about our beaches… even when they are crowded, they aren’t. If Main Beach has too many people for you just go to the next beach access and you’ll likely find wide open sand.

I took my new toy, the Flip, and made another video of Maggie. You can easily find all of Maggie’s videos (both of them) right now on YouTube. Just fire up YouTube and search for Maggie Doone.

The local Convention and Visitors Bureau has a new toy too. They just turned on their second live beach cam. The first one is at Sandy Bottoms and shows the beach where Maggie and I walked today. The second one is down on the south end of the island. You can catch the live scene at Amelia Beaches.

What am I going to do with Maggie’s videos? The Amelia Island Film Festival is coming up in February and they are going to start taking submissions soon. I’m thinking they would love to see Maggie Doone enjoying the island and the active, natural and charming lifestyle we have here. Lights! Camera! Crazy Dog!

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