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Boomer The Big White Horse

October 24th, 2010 by theAddison

It is a creepy feeling.  I’m being watched.  I’ll be working at the front desk and the hair on the back of my neck will stand up.  I look up and there is Boomer, out on the street staring through the window at me, ears cocked, looking for a treat.

Boomer is the biggest horse in Northeast Florida.  He is a Percheron draft horse who used to work in the logging industry but now pulls a carriage around the Historic District of Fernandina Beach.

This isn’t the most flattering photo of Boomer but you get the idea: he loves his carrots.  Boomer stops in front of the Addison while his driver talks about the neighboring homes.  When it is time for him to “walk on” Boomer will get real stubborn if we haven’t given him a carrot.  I’ve seen him stand still and stomp his feet and I’ve seen him walk backwards in defiance of the “walk on” command if we haven’t run out with a carrot for him.  Boomer loves stopping at the back door of Pompeo’s Restaurant too because Mario will run out with heads of lettuce for him.

The horses in this town are all treated like big pets.  Big working pets.  Despite the fact that Boomer mooches treats all over town I do believe they feed him well.  The horses get regular days off and they don’t work in the rain or in the heat of the afternoon in the summer. 

For $60 we can get Boomer to pull you around the Historic District for a private 45 minute tour.  He will even drop you off at a local restaurant for your dinner reservation.  Just give us a call and we’ll set everything up for you.  It is a great, romantic little extra that makes your stay at the Addison even more memorable.  We’ll even give you some carrots for Boomer.

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