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Another great weekend at Fernandina Beach

November 15th, 2010 by theAddison

The time, she flies!  We have just had another fantastic weekend in Fernandina Beach.  The weather was warm during the day and cool in the evening, just perfect for all the events we had on this weekend.

We had guests in town that came to enjoy the Karl Davis Band at the Dog Start Tavern.  The guests came all the way from Gainesville but had seen Karl before when they lived in Jacksonville.  We had guests celebrating anniversaries, birthdays and we even had two members of the Army, both recently back from Iraq.  We do get such interesting guests and Happy Hour is always a good time, sharing stories over a glass of wine. 

Petanque:  French for “Stand around and watch balls get thrown”.

The only international event in town this weekend was the Third American Open Petanque (Pay-tonk)Tournament.  There were 114 teams playing this year from all over the world with a majority coming from the game’s home country, France.

The Open is a great event.  We have a game that nobody really understands, few can pronounce, the scoring is a complete mystery to the passer by and there appears to be a lot of standing around and drinking by foreign nationals.  This game reminds me of Curling!

It is Sunday night and I just got back from walking Maggie Doone.  It is quiet out there tonight.  The town has a bit of a rest until next weekend when we start all over with a great slate of events. 

Fort Clinch State Park has a Star Gazing Program next weekend and there is a Birding Walk set up along Egans Creek Greenway.  The Fernandina Beach Pirate’s Club is having their yearly Royal Ball on the 20th.  Let me know if you want tickets as all are welcome and the proceeds go to the Pirate’s charities.  Costumes (puffy sleeves, parrots, peg legs…..) are optional.

We have a busy week ahead of us with the B&B Association Holiday Cookie Tour this coming Saturday, the 20th.  We have barely scratched the surface of our decorating and must have everything ready for the tour on Saturday,  My To-Do list grows as I sleep.

Right after the Cookie Tour we get ready for Thanksgiving.  We only have a couple of vacant rooms and are looking forward to about 30 guests for dinner on Thursday. We have some friends coming down from our old neighborhood in Virginia (do you remember Scooter from previous blog posts?) to help us out with the dinner and are really looking forward to seeing them again.  After that we just roll into the Christmas season, New Years and Valentine’s Day. 

Like I said:  Time, she flies.  Grab it while you can or before you know it you’ll be saying “We should have…..”. 


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