Exterior of Addison on Amelia

Keat Takes Bob Flying Over Amelia Island

December 5th, 2010 by theAddison

I just love it when repeat guests walk in the front door of the Addison and yell out “Hi Bob, we’re home!”  I love it even more when they bring their own airplane and offer to take me flying with them  Keat and Diane flew down yesterday to spend the weekend with us.  They have a 1962 Cherokee 160 that they get around in and today Keat took me up for a spin around the north end of Amelia Island.

Keat at the helm.  Or wheel. 

We took off out of the local Fernandina Beach Airport just after noon and headed north along the river.  We cut over town and continued north to Fort Clinch.  In the video you can see a nice shot of Cumberland Island to the north although we were too high to see any of the wild horses.  We flew south along the beach and then back over town.  Hey, I can see my house from here!  We continued south along the marshes and rivers before heading back to the airport. 

I have told anyone who would listen over the last three years of inn ownership that I have had it with flying but this afternoon’s flight was thoroughly enjoyable.  The weather was perfect with about 30 miles visibility (we saw the lighthouse on St Simon’s Island) and we didn’t have to go through Immigration on arrival.  I hate going through Immigration but that is a whole other story.

It was great to see Diane and Keat again.  The Addison was full of repeat guests this weekend and Happy Hour was a stroll down memory lane.  It is so nice to have people return year after year to visit with us.  Especially when they bring their own plane.  Maybe one of our previous guests wants to come see us again and has a nice boat suited to off-shore fishing?

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