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Big Night Out With Bill and Linda

December 24th, 2010 by theAddison

Shannon and I took the evening off last Tuesday and did a little barhopping in Fernandina.  Our first stop was the Green Turtle for a couple PBRs and two of Chef Nori’s now famous “$7 Bowls of Food”.  What do you get for $7?  You get what you get, usually rice, vegetables and meat like a satay chicken or Korean beef.  Trust me, its good food and its not on the menu..

Our next stop was Indigo Alley, right around the corner on Center Street, for their Tuesday Night Jazz Jam.  We walked in and hey, I know that guy on the drums!  Its Bill and he is staying at the Addison.  Bill and Linda are returning guests who came to ccelebrate their 25th anniversary with us.  Mike, the owner of Indigo Alley, was kind enough to set it up with the band so that Bill could play a few sets.  Bill knows what he is doing and back in the day he would tie up his ponytail and play with some pretty big names.  He has returned to playing just recently and only as a hobby now.  The music was great and the atmosphere was lively with a good sized crowd for this popular weekly event.  
Next stop on our big night out?  The Palace, the Dog Star Tavern or O’Kanes?  Nope, back to the Addison and to bed.  It gets late earlier than it used to.

One thought on “Big Night Out With Bill and Linda

  1. Ethel

    Sounds like a fun night out. Amazing how “late” comes earlier and earlier, doesn’t it? Brings to mind our big night out at the Black Cat in DC with the old OSP friends . . . there were a lot of zzzzzzzzzzz at the club that night!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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